Brave Writer Summer Camp

Brave Writer Summer Camp

Brave Writer Summer Camp!

Help for Homeschooling Parents Across the Curriculum



Our Brave Writer camp is designed for homeschool parents like you who need a little extra boost of support!

The day-long camp is packed with useful information about

  • homeschooling
  • writing
  • all things Brave Writer

Replays will be made available below.

Free Webinars #

Note: the discount was for live attendees only.

How to be a Happy Homeschooler (Julie Bogart)

What does it take to be a happy homeschooler? The answer may surprise you. Join Julie to get the inside scoop on creating the homeschool that’s just right for you and your family! With joy, delight, and yes, happiness!


Stress-Free Class Planning (Kirsten Merryman)

Planning a year of education can feel daunting. You may feel overwhelmed with the bounty of choices as you try to find the best class fits for your child over the course of an entire school year. Kirsten Merryman (Director of Online Classes) is here to help! Join us for a conversation about where to start and how to pace the learning for a rewarding and stress-free language arts experience.


Poetry Teatime (Melissa Wiley)

The incomparable Melissa Wiley (children’s novelist, homeschool veteran of six, Brave Writer podcast co-host and product writer) will host a Poetry Teatime! Melissa has been writing children’s books since 1995, including her Brave Writer featured books, The Prairie Thief and The Nerviest Girl in the World.


Unlocking Learning Through Literature (Dawn Smith)

Whether fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or fantasy, literature opens doors to a wide range of school subjects and learning adventures. Discover how grammar, punctuation, spelling, and literary devices can be taught naturally, while also inviting children into science, history, math, geography, and imagination. Dawn Smith (Director of Publishing) shares how!


Jumpstart Your Homeschool with Julie (Julie Bogart)

You’re ready to take the leap into homeschooling! Wish you had a safety net? A guide? A mentor? Jumpstart your homeschool with Julie to get all that and more. Six-weeks of hand-holding content with intimate sessions that will give you practical tools and implementable guidance—along with a supportive community!

Come learn more about how to Jumpstart Your Homeschool with Julie and our 14,000+ membership community, Brave Learner Home.


Special Offer #

We have a special offer for you! When you purchase $198.00 worth of curriculum OR online classes, you will be automatically added to our special homeschool community called: Brave Learner Home. Your qualifying purchase provides you with a lifetime membership!