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Kids are tremendously interesting people, even the ones who write poorly. My goal is to help you do your job to draw out the fascinating mind life of your children so that you can capture those precious thoughts in writing. What's on paper ought to be a fair and insightful representation of all that goes on in your kids' busy heads. When it is, you and your young writers will love the results.


That, in a nutshell, is why Brave Writer exists.

Self-expression in written form should not be so infuriatingly difficult to teach. Yet it is for many of us. There's a reason for that. Educators who write writing programs are not necessarily professional writers. They approach writing as a subject to deconstruct and explain in a classroom. They craft assignments that require children to solve the puzzle of the instructions, rather than tap into their thought lives and natural vocabularies.

Professional writers, when they teach writing, focus on the writer instead—-What do you have to say? They help the intimidated would-be author to feel emotionally safe to take writing risks.

Brave Writer is designed to enhance the parent-child relationship through the teaching of writing. It is my contention that writers are grown best when students feel supported and free. Parents feel best when they have strategies they can trust to advance their twin goals: peace and progress in the writing process. Enter Brave Writer's abundance of programs (both self-teaching guides and online classes with instructors).

Here's what parents are saying about Brave Writer and their families.

Navigating the website #

  • Start with the Getting Started Page to match age-appropriate products and classes to your child.
  • Determine if you prefer to work independently with your student or if you'd like instructor support.
  • Select Home Study Courses (for original writing) and Language Arts Programs (for mechanics) if you prefer to work independently.
  • Select Online Classes for you and your kids, if you prefer instructor support.

Our Brave Writer Instructors have two requirements.

  • They have been homeschooled or have homeschooled their kids.
  • They are published writers.

Our teachers know your life, and they will help you succeed. Count on it!

All materials and courses are original to Brave Writer.

The Big Picture

Once kids realize that paper is a safe place for thought exploration, they learn how to craft their writing into satisfying finished products. Writing becomes a safe playground instead of an intimidating foreign country. Brave Writer products and classes lead you through all the steps from thought–origination to published writing.

An amazing primary benefit to this method of writing is that you get to enjoy the bright, imaginative minds of your children in a new and conscious way.

One of the mothers I worked with said:

I'm getting to know my kids better. I talk to them more, ask them what is going on inside, am more careful to draw them out rather than critique every sentence out of their mouths. I'm looking for ways to encourage sharing instead of looking for ways to get them to be quiet and give me some peace. I'm looking at who they really are, not pressuring them into being someone I think they should be.

Lighten Up

You can teach your kids to write. You'll discover that they're fascinating people waiting to be heard and that their insights and thoughts deserve to be recorded and remembered. And you'll find that you're just the person for that job!

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