Class Registration Q&A

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When does registration open?

Fall registration opens July 24th, 2023 at 12 PM Eastern.

Do classes fill up quickly?


Class registration stays open until classes are full (we note when classes are full on the registration form), but some of our most popular classes fill within hours so be sure not to miss out!

Our most popular classes for the summer/fall session are:

Due to high registration volume, be sure to note that your registration is not complete until we receive payment, and your spot is not secure without payment.

How does registration and enrollment work?
  1. You don't need to sign in to an account in order to register.
  2. Go to the Course Registration page.
  3. Select a class and the number of students registering for that class. Click “Add another class” to register for a second class or “Continue to next step” to proceed.
  4. Enter your most frequently used email address. Use the same email address for all subsequent registrations.
  5. Do not enter a child's name and email address to register for a class. You will add your children’s details to their classes via special email link after registration is complete.
  6. Tuition is due at the time of registration. Pay using a credit card.
  7. Charter School Payments: If paying with charter school funds, select “charter school” and include the name of the charter school in “comments.”
  8. Print your registration page for your records (and/or for your charter school, if needed).

Tuition payments from charter schools are due two weeks before the class start date.

Two receipts will be emailed to you: one confirming your class registrations, and one confirming payment.

You are completely enrolled in a Brave Writer® Class once you have completed the registration form AND have paid tuition in full or submitted a purchase order from your charter school.

Adding your children to their classes:

A confirmation email will prompt you to log into the classroom and create student profiles for each child enrolled in a class.

Can I register for classes that run at the same time?

Each class we offer runs for just a few weeks. We do this in order to allow families the flexibility to take a "deep dive" into a class for a short time so that they can fit our classes in around family trips, sporting competitions, and the like.

Because each class is short, we cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. It's helpful to students to have space to delve into the readings and focus on their writing assignments without having to worry about other writing classes at the same time. For that reason, we strongly encourage families to take only one class at a time with us.

Contact us at [email protected] if you need to make adjustments to your enrollment.

How many classes should I sign up for?

Because each class is short, your students will do a lot of writing over a brief period. Our classes are intensive. After taking a writing class with us, your student will benefit from the chance to take a writing break before embarking on the next class.

For discussion classes (book and movie clubs), the writing requirements are lighter, so many students are comfortable enrolling in back-to-back discussion clubs.

What payment options do you provide?

Tuition may be paid using a credit card at check out.

If you are a charter school, please scan and email a purchase order to Cindy Clark ([email protected]).

How do you handle absences?

Do not miss more than 3-4 consecutive days of any class. If you go out of town, you will need to evaluate whether or not you'll have consistent Internet access AND the time/motivation to do the work. Take into consideration the motivation of the student (not just your motivation). We will not move you to a new session or refund tuition if travel made participation too difficult.

Can my child take a class if they don't meet the age requirements?

We do observe the specified age range for classes. Contact our registration team if you need special permission.

What's your cancellation policy?

If for some reason you must withdraw from class between the time you enroll and class begins, your refund will be as follows:

  • Up to two weeks before class begins: 100% minus a service charge of $25.00 per class
  • Two weeks before class begins: 75% of tuition minus the $25.00 service charge
  • One week before class begins: 50% of tuition minus the $25.00 service charge
  • After class begins: no refunds and no transfers for any reason

Please contact us with any questions.

How do your online classes work?

Read about how we run our online classes and test drive our classroom.

What are Parent Resources Classes?

Every class at Brave Writer® offers maximum value since you can download readings and activities and repeat writing assignments with new topics once class is done.

But we don't stop there! For $29, you can add on a Parent Resources class for the following topics:

  • Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking
  • Essay Prep: Reading the Essay
  • Essay Writing 102
  • Middle School Writing: Science Projects
  • Movie Discussion Club

These resources are available to you in our private classroom. For a low add-on price, you get weeks and weeks of additional activity ideas!

Can I join a waitlist for a class?

Yes! On our registration page, click on "Add me to the waiting list" next to all classes of interest. We will email you when an opening becomes available.

What are audio tracks?

An AUDIO feature is available in selected classes for a small fee.

Got a reluctant or challenged reader? A lot of classroom reading might have been a deterrent in the past.

Now you can upgrade students' classroom experience so they can LISTEN to the class assignments and readings instead. Or they may like doing a combination of reading and listening—an effective way to grow both skills.

Listening to audio while reading benefits fluency skills, pronunciation, pacing, and tone.

More choices. More support. More ways to learn.

Add audio tracks at checkout for the following classes:

Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking

Essay Prep: Reading the Essay

Middle School Writing: Nonfiction Projects

Middle School Writing: Passion Projects

Passion for Fiction